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Software Architecture – A Perspective

Coding the Architecture Historically, software architecture has been a discipline steeped in academia and, subsequently feels inaccessible to many software developers. It’s also not a particularly trendy topic when compared to [microservices|Node.js|Docker|insert other new thing here]. Read more…

Is Linux an Operating System by itself? Not really, GNU/Linux is

GNU/Linux Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called “Linux”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project. Read more…

Signs that you are a good programmer

Good Programmer The instinct to experiment first – The compiler and runtime can often answer a question faster than a human can. Rather than seek out a senior programmer and ask them “will it work if I do this?”, a good programmer will just try it and see if it works before bringing their problem to someone else. Read more…

Preview your Markdown content dynamically

Markdown Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax designed so that it can be converted to HTML and many other formats using a tool. Markdown is often used to format readme files, for writing messages in online discussion forums, and to create rich text using a plain text editor. Try it…

A nifty tool to explain any shell command

Bash Shell Sometimes you have a shell command(s) which works wonders but looks cryptic and hard to understand. Parsing man pages can be cumbersome. Here’s an alternative. Try it…

GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline

Bash Shell There are plenty of GNU/Linux operating systems to choose from, in fact too many, which leads to confusion. Ever wondered about their evolution? See more…

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